The Princess

and the Locket

By Rikki LEIGH Cason


All Aleigh Denallen ever wanted to be was normal. She wanted a normal life, with normal friends, normal parents, and a normal existence. But Aleigh was anything but normal. Aleigh was a Denallen, and with that came a family history filled with secrets.

As the story begins, Aleigh is caught between two worlds. In one, she is worried about her final year of school, what her future holds, and dealing with everyday life as a teenager.

Her second world is one that only a few know about. Aleigh had been in love with her best friend, Drew Davihouse, a handsome prince, since they were eight. Drew would do anything for Aleigh, except give her the one thing she wanted ... his heart.

As an unknown evil threatens the life of her and all those she holds close. Aleigh is forced to take a stand. She must find the strength inside to take on this evil before she loses everything.

Follow Aleigh on her tale of love, courage, and a little wizardry.

The Princess and the Locket is the first book in The Princess Trilogy. Set in the country of Itolian - one of eight countries in the world of Ongoosem - this magical tale focuses on the fears of growing up, discovering love, and finding yourself along the way.